Friday, July 31, 2009

Malaysia University Of Science And Technology

10:33 PM

Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) was founded on a collaborative programme between MUST Ehsan Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MUST was established based on the belief that Malaysia has the ability to develop a major research and development infrastructure capable of making it a leader in the development of highly skilled human resources needed to accelerate economic development in high technology areas for itself and the region.

Quality and opportunity are the keys to post-graduate study. MUST seeks to provide a fully integrated and balanced post-graduate education that will produce professionals who will not only have a deep understanding of the natural sciences, information processing and micro- and macro-economics, but also a solid knowledge of their chosen fields. In addition, our graduates will understand how their chosen field fits in a broader technical context. They will have a clear sense of society’s needs and understand relevant economic, political, ecological, and institutional contexts. Further, they will have the ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams, to be able to express themselves creatively and productively.


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