Monday, July 13, 2009

Putera Island resort

10:28 AM

Located on Pulau Besar (168 hectare), the tranquil island with unspoilt beauty, it is an ideal place for relaxing.

For the spot enthusiast, it is an ideal starting point for jungle trekking, island hopping, island tour, canoeing, beach volleyball etc.

A short excursion to Malacca, famous for it's historical places and shopping haven is just a 20 minutes ferry ride.


Stay in Putera Island Resort and experience the history and culture personally.

At Putera Island Resort, you get more than a chalet built in traditional style.

During tea time, look out for the pedlar who cycle or walk pass the chalet with a basket full of "nasi lemak" or other local pass by yelling out "nasi lemak" or whatsoever to place your order.

At Putera Island Resort, we not only have traditional games for our guests to play. We guide you to make your own such as "batu lima".

Come to Putera island Resort and discover more


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